Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final ultrasound

Today I had my final ultrasound of this pregnancy.  I was looking forward to seeing the babies one more time!  It was nice but not as exciting as ultrasounds earlier in the pregnancy because the babies are getting so big you really can't see much at a time.  I now understand why they do ultrasounds at 20 weeks!

So, the biggest news is that the babies are growing and are showing no signs of stress or distress.  This is wonderful! Below are the stats...

Baby A 

weight - 6 pounds 12 ounces (up from 4 pounds 11 ounces a month ago)

heartbeat - 143

percentile - 71st (this is in comparison to a single baby - so I have a big twin!)

Baby B

weight - 6 pounds 2 ounces (up from 4 pounds 4 ounces a month ago)

heartbeat - 140

percentile - 51st (this is in comparison to a single baby)

My doctor and I chatted about moving the scheduled c-section date up a week due to how much they weigh alreaady and my doctor would not hear of it.  She said that she will take them at 38 weeks and no earlier unless the mom or babies start to show signs of stress.  So, since all is going well for both the babies and me, there is no chance.  This is good and bad...the good is that they will get one more week to develop - the bad is that I have to endure carrying them for one more week!  It is a challenge!

As for my blood pressure - it was extremely good - she took it twice and it was 94/57.  The nurse couldn't believe it!  She made me laugh and took it again and it was 124/72.  She is just amazed every time she takes my blood pressure because she thinks it should be higher.  I guess my body just handles pregnancy well as I have never had a blood pressure issue - just like I have never had braxton hicks contractions or real contractions (once again and blessing and a curse :-)!)  

So, we are down to 3 weeks until delivery date.  I will keep pressing on toward the goal of August 17 and pray that they decide to wait to come into the world!  I have plenty of things to keep me busy until then, so I will keep working on the projects.  Some of the things I have left to do include packing a bag for the babies and I at the hospital, packing the girls bags for being away while I am at the hospital, cleaning out the van, finding all the breastpump accessories and cleaning them up, finishing cleaning our upstairs bedroom, finishing the new room and getting our oldest daughter moved in, getting the nursery set up, getting meals made and into the freezer to make life easier for my husband, and sleeping!  I will just keep knocking away at things on the list to make progress and will see what happens in the meantime!

Thanks for following me on this journey!  I have an appointment on Friday, July 30 and another one on Thursday, August 5.  My last appointment before delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10 with delivery on Tuesday, August 17.  We will keep everybody updated!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Non-stress test update

Greetings!  I can't believe 2 weeks have passed since I last updated.  I wanted to update last week, but there really wasn't much news and we were busy celebrating Joy's 2nd birthday.  I can't believe she is already 2 years old!  It truly seems like she was born yesterday - I can still vividly remember the day!  What a joy she truly was!

Today was my 2nd non-stress test.  I am not exactly fond of these; however, it is nice to hear the babies heartbeats for an extended amount of time.  It is so interesting to hear or feel them move and then watch and hear their heartbeats increase and then decrease (exactly what should be happening)!  They are definitely little miracles!  Baby A was slow to get moving today so I had to lie on the table much longer which is not exactly good for my back and hips with the pain I am having. Baby B is never slow to be moving so we knew it was good from the first 5 minutes.  Anyway, both babies are doing very well and are showing no signs of stress!  No contractions which is also a great thing!  My blood pressure is good as well - so no worries there.  I did measure 47 cm today (which breaks my normal doctor's record of 42 cm from another patient).  However, my normal doctor was out of the office today so I saw one of her partners.  His record is 56 cm, so he told me to keep working at it and I might make it - but then again this woman delivered a 12 lb 13 oz single baby!  I could get there, but with a combined weight of that for the 2.  We will just wait and see!  

Other than that, not much news.  I am feeling very big (looking big too) and trying my best to take it easy and not overdo it.  There are days where I definitely do too much and my body tells me so, but other days I wonder if I am doing enough!  It is very interesting.  However, I think chasing two children around every day could be considered enough for a momma pregnant with twins!  

This weekend, our oldest turns 4 years old!  We are celebrating both girls' birthdays on Saturday morning before my dear husband has to go to work and then we will do something special for Blessing on Sunday, her actual birthday.  Once again, where have the past 4 years gone?  I can't believe that she is turning 4. 

Both of our girls are growing up so quickly and way too fast!  Blessing was helping us freeze corn yesterday by cleaning the silks off of the shucked ears - and my did she do an amazing job!  Joy enjoys helping in any way she can - especially if she can sit on daddy or mommy's lap!  Let me tell you, there isn't much room left on mommy's lap!

Well, that is it for now - I will try to post updated pictures of the girls soon as well as keep everyone updated on the weekly appointments.  My next appointment is next week on Tuesday - another non-stress test and meeting with the doctor.  The next week is an ultrasound - I hope I make it that far so I can see these precious babies again!  It is so much fun to see them growing and changing inside of me...what miracles and what amazing technology!

Thanks for checking in!