Monday, September 28, 2009

Heavy Heart

What God brings you to, He will take you through. That has been on my heart today ever since I read it in a post to a good friend of mine who is really having a tough time right now. Her mom is extremely sick and in ICU. They have decided to keep her comfortable until God calls her home.

Why the heavy heart? Well, this woman taught me many things during the short 2 years I have known her and become close. First off, she adopted my 2 girls as granddaughters (she has 2 grandsons) and loved them whole heartedly. I know many people like children, especially those that qualify as grandparents. But, not all of those people will love 2 crazy girls unconditionally and then support their momma unconditionally.

She was a woman who would listen and offer suggestions. She cared deeply about me, as well as her own 2 daughters. If she saw me wavering, she would guide me in a direction that would allow my feet to stand on stable ground. She would pray, pray, pray. She would support us in little ways financially, without really knowing, because it was nothing big to her.

This woman cared deeply about her own two children and grandchildren. She had pictures of them all over her house. She would cuddle with her grandchildren whenever they wanted and would listen to her daughters into the wee morning hours.

This woman truly was a woman of God. Now, as she is lying in the hospital, her children are displaying amazing strength and determination that will only come from God. They are leaning on His strength to help them through this time in their life, where their mother is dying. They will not have any more parents once Jesus calls her home.

So, this amazing woman has taught me to treasure every moment I have with my own mother. Yes, my mom and I don't necessarily see eye to eye and we don't necessarily talk very much, but she still is my mom. I love her dearly and have no idea what would happen if something would happen to her right now. However, I do know, that because of my dear friend's mother, I called my own mother this morning and just told her I loved her. I told her I cared for her and appreciated everything she did for me.

I truly feel I am being taught so much during this time in my life. We can't ever take for granted life - whether it is the life of our parents or the life of our kids or the life of anybody. We, as mortal humans here on earth, have no idea when Jesus is going to call us home. Everyone belongs to Him and He is the ultimate decider of when life starts and when life ends.

I am learning that when your faith is being tested to reach out and pray even harder. To reach out to other women who are believers and share with them and allow them to guide you.

I have also learned that life does not depend on my faith and whether I am praying hard enough. God already has our days numbered. Just by praying, I am exhibiting my faith.

Thank you God for all the lessons you taught me in my dear friend. Thank you for her 2 daughters who love my daughters as their own. And, finally, thank you for life. Help me to continue to cherish life and to reach out to my own mother and tell her I love her more often. She is an amazing woman in her own way.

I challenge you to tell someone you "love them or appreciate them" or both today. And, make it be someone you haven't talked to in awhile or someone you are bumping heads with. May God truly bless you.