Monday, April 28, 2008

Springtime pictures

Just a few pictures to update you on how our daughter is growing! She is getting so tall and acting more like a kid and less like a baby. It is amazing to hear her talk and to watch her change every day. Today, she climbed up on the rocking chair in her bedroom during naptime and reached the lotion and a couple of other things off of a high shelf. We had no idea she could reach those by standing on the chair. My, oh my, how she is growing! The determination she has is so strong! What a personality! Enjoy the pictures and look back on previous posts to really she how she has changed.

Giving Kirby a hug!

Hey mommy, look at me! Climbing on the steps and the railing.

HELLO?!? Anybody there?

Mommy, this is so yummy! Snitching leftover cookie dough after making cookies!

Springtime fun and more

What a few weeks we have had! When you finally think that Spring is here, the cold decides to come back again. Last week alone we had 3 inches of rain! We have about an inch plus in our basement with no way to get it out - the drains are all clogged....oh, the joys of being homeowners with no landlord to run to....I wouldn't trade it for anything though!

Three weeks ago, I had a Pampered Chef show to do down in the southern part of the state. I left home at around 10 am and didn't get back until around 5. It was a long day. On my way home, I stopped at the local grocery store about 5 miles from where we live. By the time I arrived there, my head was pounding and I was not feeling well at all. But, we needed milk, so I stopped and kept my husband from leaving the house again with our daughter. Anyway, I went in and picked up a few groceries. When I came out, I climbed into the car and reached in my coat pocket and pulled out what I thought was keys and went to start the car. The car wouldn't start, so I looked down at what I had in my hand and found that I was holding a binki. A car won't start with a binki. Anyway, I chuckled and came home and dared to tell my husband the story...he laughed and said you have to write about this one.....I will say, you know you are a mommy when you try to start your car with a binki!

On that same Saturday, Mr. Tall and Blessing went on a truck ride on gravel roads and dug approximately 14 cedar trees from the ditches. On our property, we have several old old trees that have not been properly taken care of. And with winters seeming to get colder and longer each and every year, we want to get a wind break started. So, he dug the trees, put them in pots, and came home. We planted them the next Saturday (one week ago) along with 2 other trees we picked up. We purchased the other trees from the DNR/Alliant Energy for approximately 1/3 of the cost of what they would have been from a garden store or nursery. It is a program that the energy company puts on...each family can get two trees at this price one time a year....Operation ReLeaf. It is a great program and allowed us to plant the trees.

The day that we planted the trees, it was cold, windy, and very wet and muddy. We dug the holes and as we were digging them and moving dirt from one hole to another (we dug out an old fire pit and filled it in with dirt and the sod) Blessing climbed into the muddy hole and started playing. I was too slow with the camera, but did get a picture of Blessing, Daddy, and Kirby with the newly planted Swamp White Oak. We vowed to plant a tree for each kid that we have, so the Swamp White Oak is Blessing's. We also planted a Sugar Maple on the east side of our property which is our tree for the baby coming this summer. So, both our our kiddos are covered!

Along with planting trees, we have planted asparagus. I love asparagus and look forward to it each and every spring. Mr. Tall and Blessing will even eat it when I prepare it on the grill with butter and garlic pepper. I can taste it now! Anyway, it was a beautiful, warm day, and I was in the mood to get the roots planted that we had had for a week. I didn't want them to go bad before we got them planted. So, I started working on digging the trench - an 18 inch deep trench that was about 10 feet long. I worked and worked and wondered where Mr. Tall was. He ended up having to work late, and when he got home I was completely exhausted. We went inside and had supper followed by putting Blessing to sleep. Then, Mr. Tall and I went back outside and finished planting the asparagus. Yes, we set up a flood light and dug away until we had enough trench and enough length to get all 20 plants planted. Inside the 18 inch trench goes 6 inches of compost (we used old barn manure), 6 inches of loose soil, and then the asparagus roots followed by 2 inches of soil. What a process! I can't wait for two years to pass so we can eat some home grown asparagus! What a treat!
Finally, I want to tell you about tonight. Our house has been extremely cold as we have ran out of propane (or are extremely close to running out). As a result, we treat Blessing to a warm bath every night followed by cuddling in her pajamas and a nice warm bed. Tonight, was different. We gave her a bath and then took her upstairs and got her dressed. She then had a blast playing in her closet in her room. She would open up the door, tell Mr. Tall and I good-bye and see you later and then close the door. She would immediately open it and run to us and give each of us a kiss before running back to the closet and waving good-bye again. This went on for about 20 minutes. Mr. Tall and I were getting so many kisses we couldn't stop her to put her to bed, as she doesn't usually give out kisses and hugs very freely. I think she gave out about 20 kisses between the two of us....what a huge warm fuzzy. We then cuddled and she went to bed with five blankets over her!
What a great time we have been having this spring. Yes, a lot of work with cleaning up the property, cutting down trees, planting trees and asparagus, picking up rocks, picking up sticks, and just general maintenance! But, it is so much fun to be able to work and not worry about what the landlord will say! What a blessing it is to have a little girl that loves to be outside and enjoys playing in the water, mud, rocks, and grass. What a blessing it is to have a roof over our heads, walls to protect us from the wind, and clothes to go on our backs. Yes, times are rough, but one must remember all the blessings and good things that God is providing! I don't know where I would be without the Lord - definitely not positive, happy, and where I am today!
Thank you Jesus!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Springtime Changes

Yes, it is officially Spring, according to the calendar! However, it isn't necessarily springtime according to the weather and weatherman. Right now, one day we will have beautiful mid 50's with a light breeze and sunshine and the next day we will have 4 inches of snow! It is absolutely crazy. Things will soon match up - seasons and weather - it is just a matter of time!

As the weather became warmer and the snow was melting, puddle after puddle formed. What does a toddler enjoy doing, especially our beautiful girl that loves the outdoors, jumping in puddles! On the nice days that we had, I took Blessing outside and we would walk around our property and explore. When we found puddles, Blessing would immediately start jumping and splashing in them! She would end up muddy and wet and cold, but it was well worth the fun playtime! Even our dog would enjoy getting involved in the puddle splashing - usually just enough to get a drink of water and then take off again. He never let Blessing push him over and get him wet though - which was a very good thing!

On one particular spring day, we were anxious to be planting our garden. We decided where our gardens were going to be, and instead of pulling all of the weeds, we decided to burn the garden off. We really enjoyed the ability to be outside and start preparations for spring and summertime gardening. We can't wait for fresh produce! However, the day after we burnt the ground off, we had a cold snap and 4 inches of snow - not exactly encouraging when you want to plant a garden. A few days later, we were back to the mid 50's. Old man winter just wants to keep hanging on even though we are ready for Spring. Spring come soon!

This last picture just shows the curls on the top of Blessing's head that mysteriously arrived
yesterday. We gave her a bath the night before and when she woke up, she had the curls on the top of her head. We washed her hair and combed it last night and this morning, she still worke up with curls on teh top of her head. What a surprise!
Finally, our baby girl made the jump from crib to big girl bed. We were a little nervous about putting her in her big girl bed, but knew that we had to to allow her time to adjust before the new baby comes in July. So, daddy put the bed together yesterday and she took a nap in it yesterday afternoon. Come last night, it was my turn to put her to bed. Our normal routine is to go upstairs, get pajamas on, and then rock for awhile before going to bed. Well, last night, the first night in her big girl bed, she got dressed and then crawled into bed without rocking. She wanted mommy to rock in the chair and not leave right away, but when she was ready to go to sleep, she said "nigh nigh" and shooed me out! I came downstairs with tears in my eyes and talked with Mr. Tall. Our baby girl is growing up. It is so unbelieveable that it has been almost two fabulous years.
What a time of changes - both outside and inside! Enjoy spring and every second you have with your kids and grandkids! Time sure flies when you are having fun!