Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple acts of LOVE

It is a Monday morning (and I am not a morning person???). I have had a long weekend with butchering chickens until midnight on Friday night, and then butchering more chickens on Saturday. Together Tall One and I worked on our patio (which was our father's and mother's day gifts). It is getting close to being finished. Then, we spent time with our dear children and off to bed. However, neither one of us could sleep. Crazy after a busy day! Sunday was filled with worship at church, then a meeting at church followed by a potluck lunch. After that, my dear husband and the children headed home to prepare for company. I stayed at church and worked with the individuals involved with the Christmas cantata before heading home. I arrived home, finished cleaning and preparing for company to come for dinner. However, they cancelled at the last minute which was a blessing in disguise! :-) We had our family worship time followed by putting the children to bed. My dear husband was up taking care of a few things around the house as I was preparing for a week of preschool.

Why do I tell you all that. By getting up this morning at 5:50 am to spend some time with my husband, I showed him that I truly loved him. Yes, I would have rather been cuddled up in my nice warm bed with my pillows surrounding me and .... However, I woke up and came downstairs (we have a 2 story house). My husband immediately smiled and said, "Good morning dear." I proceeded to go work in the kitchen (which I did not get completely cleaned up last night) while he went out and took care of the 47 chickens we have remaining. While he was out, I managed to get the dishes all gathered and ready to be washed, his lunch packed (with a dessert), his breakfast prepared (nothing special - a whole grain granola bar and yogurt), his medications set out, and his work bag gathered around. His carpool friends arrived and he was off - but not without a kiss and a hug and an "I love you and have a good day" at the door.

Now, what does that mean. To me it is becoming a part of my daily routine. To my dear husband, it is so much more. I am encouraging him before he sets foot out into the mission field called the world to go provide for our family. I am taking some stress from his morning and allowing him to sit and relax and enjoy breakfast before he goes. He leaves with a kiss and a hug - which lasts him until he gets home. Not only that, but I am energized as well to accomplish things before the dear children start their day. My husband is shown love and encouragement in a simple act of love.

Yes, it is a sacrifice for me. But, what did Christ sacrifice for me. My sacrifice is little compared to Him dying on the cross to save me. Finally, by climbing out of bed early, before the children are up, I have been able to do daily bible studies. This time of digging into the Word of God is refreshing, encouraging, and oh so helpful when Satan attacks or the children are trying. I am showing Christ a simple act of love by spending time with Him as well - something I would not get accomplished if I were still in bed.

So, wake up, show love, and have a blessed day!