Sunday, May 20, 2012

Laundry Distractions

Non Scale Victories....NSVs. They are encouraging and so uplifting...But, honestly, I hadn't really had many during the last 13 weeks. I have been concentrating on losing weight - eating right, exercising, and
working on the emotional habits I had formed. It hasn't always been easy, but thankfully, the weight has been coming off.

I am not a huge measurer. I have been measuring every 4 weeks and have seen on paper the inches coming off as well, but have not experienced it but 1x with clothing. I did wear a dress the week after Easter, but I had fit into that dress in the past.

So, I was doing laundry on Thursday. Actually, doing laundry from beginning to completion, washing, drying, folding, AND putting away! I usually stop somewhere in the middle, but was determined to get everything put away. While I was hanging my skirts in the closet I noticed a dress that was given to me a little over a year ago. I liked it and put it in my closet. Some friends came over and were helping me clean stuff out that had piled up after twins, and commented on that dress. I tried it on that night after everyone had left, and there was no way the dress was zipping. I could barely get it on, but squeezed into it. I remember feeling so depressed. But, I liked it enough I put it back in the closet with the thought of "someday I will wear that dress."  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someday would be this week!

So, I pulled out the dress, and tried it on, and it FIT! It fits beautifully. So beautifully, that I think I have figured out something to put over it so I can wear it to church tomorrow. It is sleeveless and we are trying to teach our girls modesty so I must model modesty. Anyway, that one dress led into the trying on of many many other clothes. And, I fit into many of them that I couldn't even get over my hips or around my waist a year ago. Some of the things are too tight to wear in public, but I have the determination and motivation to fit into them before the end of summer.

When my FIL had repeat open heart surgery last July, I had to buy shorts - size 24/26. I was embarrased and depressed when I walked out of the store. I am happy to report that I wore them today, only because I wanted to be comfortable, but am so annoyed with them because I can't walk 2 steps without them falling off my hips! So, I am thinking these pants are going to have to go! And not go because they are too small, but go because they are TOO BIG! I have a huge smile just typing it because of how it makes me feel.

I called my husband at 1:30 am (because he works 2nd shift and was to be home at 1:15 am) to ask him if he was almost home, and he wasn't. But, he wondered I told him I had a size 18P jeans on from CJ Banks. 18P! His response was, "Are you sure honey?" And, my response was "would I sound like this if it wasn't true?" 18P! I still can't get over that. It has been years since I have fit into 18P – ok, not tons, but at least 3. I would even wear them in public, which is how good they fit.

So, laundry is distracting. I have a new wardrobe and am ready to weed out my "fat" clothes. AND, I AM NOT KEEPING THEM! Because, I am making this lifestyle change permanent! No need for them anymore! And, the next time I can get to a store, the 1 thing I am going to buy is new underware....because, just like the shorts, are having to be hiked up every 2 steps - and that is not flattering!

I have had a beakthrough and have realized the impact of my loss....not only in how I feel, but in the sizes I can wear and how I look. All glory goes to Christ, who has formed me as this person and who is walking with me through this journey! Thank you Jesus for NSV's and for your strength to continue on
each day!

May each of you be blessed with your own NSV, whatever that may be! God is so faithful, lean on him!

Stats to date
Weight lost - 45 lbs
Waist inches - 6.75
Hip inches - 3.75

Bust inches - 5.5
Arm inches - 1.5
Thigh inches - 1.5
Current size - 18 or 20