Friday, April 9, 2010

20 wks and the BIG u/s!

20 weeks gone and 20 weeks to go!  It is amazing to me that I am already at that halfway point.  I have officially reached my 1st goal of 20 weeks!  In the early stages, I wondered if I would even make it that far, and now I next goal is 24 weeks and my next appointment!  If I set those little goals to accomplish, then it seems more manageable.

Now, for the information you are all waiting for....

Oh, wait, a picture or two first!  :-)
                                     First signs of Spring
        My two precious daughters - what one does so does the other!
                   My oldest - Blessing - 3 years and 9 months
                             My youngest - Joy - 21 months

Now, onto the doctor's visit today...

Baby A's heartbeat - 143 and Baby A's weight - 14 oz
Baby B's heartbeat - 154 and Baby B's weight - 14 oz

As for developmentally, they are right on track.  According to my doctor, they are measuring beautifully and are in the 60th to 70th percentile for their "age."  She did say that this will probably start to taper off when I hit my 3rd trimester as twins don't grow as fast due to the amount of room available.  As for all of their parts - they are all there and are looking wonderful.  We saw all 4 chambers of the heart on both babies and their spine (which looks closed and shows no signs of defects).  We got to see the babies in 3D for a few minutes and I was able to count fingers and toes on almost all of the appendages.  It is hard to keep track of what I caught and what I didn't!

As for me and how I am doing - I am measuring 32 weeks at my 20 week appointment.  This explains why I have been so short of breath lately.  Just walking up to our 2nd floor and I am winded.  My doctor said just to take it easy and make sure to take plenty of breaks and not push so hard that I am completely unable to catch my breath.  She also said that I am easily winded because 2 babies are taking oxygen from my blood to help sustain them and that my body is naturally having to work harder.  I guess it just means that I need to give myself grace and have plenty of patience as things will continue to take longer and longer!  As for my cervix, it is perfect.  It hasn't changed at all since my last ultrasound 3 weeks ago and my doctor is 80% positive that I will not have pre-term labor and the babies won't come early because I can't carry them.  She will be 100% positive after my next cervical ultrasound in 4 weeks.  The magic number is 2.4 cm in length.  Right now, I am at 4.6 cm in length, so it is looking good!  Now, she did warn me that this doesn't mean that the babies won't come early.  If they start to show signs of stress or if I develop high blood pressure, then we will have to make decisions.  But, she is fairly certain carrying them won't be an issue!  As for my blood pressure, 110/76 which impressed the doctor as well.  And, yes, I did gain more weight.  3 more pounds!  So, the doctor was also pleased with that!

Basically, all is well.  Next appointment is May 7, so will know more then!  So great to know that the babies are developing well and things are right on track!